Post-doctoral researcher: Risk analysis for invasive species


US Geological Survey


St. Paul, MN


Do you have expertise in plant ecology or botany plus experience in risk analysis? Did you complete your PhD within the past year? Read on!

 Project Description

The movement of herbaceous plants for pollinator conservation or prairie restoration can be ecologically and economically risky (i.e., involve the inadvertent movement of contaminant pests, pathogens, or plants, or the intentional introduction of plants that become invasive). This project creates a framework to evaluate risks associated with the movement of plants or propagative materials sourced at different distances from a site relative to the risks of maintaining current practice (i.e., sourcing within approximately 100 miles of the planned restoration or enhancement site).

 Type of Services Required

The post-doc will do an extensive literature search to understand current thought and evidence around seed sourcing for conservation and restoration in prairie environments and risks associated with the practice of seed movement. Based on this foundation, the post-doc will work with co-PIs to develop a risk assessment framework suitable for use by resource managers in prairies of the Midwestern U.S.

 Level of Academic Education, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities needed to perform the services

A PhD in Ecology or Plant Biology with substantial experience in the development and/or application of risk assessment to problems related to plant ecology is required. The PhD must have been earned not more than 12 months prior to beginning this position.

 Description of Working Environment Conditions, including description of any hazardous or physically strenuous work

Work will be performed in an office.

 Principal Duty Station

U.S. Geological Survey, Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, St. Paul Field Station, 1561 Lindig St., St. Paul, MN, on the University of Minnesota campus.

 Compensation Rate applicable to specified education level and locality

The post-doc will be a Student Services Contractor with total compensation at the rate of $37.81/hr. No taxes, including Social Security, employment, or benefits are withheld; the contractor must pay these out of the hourly rate specified above.

For additional information, or to apply, contact:

Diane Larson, U.S. Geological Survey, or
Rob Venette, U.S. Forest Service, or

Contact Name

Diane Larson

Contact E-mail