Risk Analyst in Railway Industry - MTL12 Test VV engineer USA




New York City area (NY, USA)


SECTOR Group (comprising about 100 engineers and partners) is a consulting organization specializing in Risk Management, Reliability/Safety Engineering and Logistic Support/Maintenance engineering.
Headquartered in France since its creation in 1990, SECTOR Group works in Europe and North America, bringing its expertise and engineering services to industry leaders in a wide variety of fields such as the Automotive, Aerospace, Railway, Energy industries.
Since 2013 SECTOR Group has created two North-American subsidiaries, one in Canada (Montréal, QC) and another in the USA (Pittsburgh, PA).

There is an opening for a position in the New York City area (NY, USA). A strong technical background is required (BS or MS in Engineering, or equivalent degree) encompassing complex multi-technological systems and electrical equipment (hardware or software), Testing and Verification & Validation methodologies, and relevant prior professional experience in the Railway industry.
As part of a team of highly skilled engineers in charge of the final integration and Commissioning of a modern communication and signaling railway system, the candidate will be working in the field, efficiently applying Testing and V&V methodology to achieve Final Acceptance of the communication and signaling railway system.

 Minimum position requirements:
- Relevant prior experience involving Testing and V&V methodologies is essential.
- Familiarity with communication and signaling railway technologies is an asset (e.g. CBTC).
- Quick-learning ability.
- Very good work ethic (diligence and attention to detail are critical to project achievement)

Autonomous work capacity is required, with good communication and writing skills and a good sense of team spirit.

Good language skills in English are required (both written and spoken).
Good language skills in French are considered a plus but are not required.

Please include “MTL12” reference when submitting resume (document must be in Word “.doc” format).

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Jean-François BARBET

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