Sr. Reliability/Quality Engineer




Bozeman, MT


• You will perform various DfR techniques: lead the product qualification-testing, including functional testing, reliability and durability testing (HALT, HASS, ALT, life test, etc.), in addition to taking ownership of reliability test equipment (reliability labs), reliability predictions (modeled and field - MTBF), reliability allocation, Design FME(C)A, Weibull Analysis, warranty collation and reporting to achieve company and customer reliability objectives.
• You will develop and implement reliability plans and assessment methods to support successful new product introductions.
• You will Lead and support cross-functional failure investigations to identify root cause and corrective / preventative action utilizing advanced problem-solving tools (8D, 5 Why, K-T).
• Lead and support customer discussions related to failures; often high priority and high visibility.
• Monitor and report key field performance metrics (OBQ, WIRR, AFR, & MTBF) related to quality.
• Maintain and analyze internal quality metrics (NCMR, SCRAP, & Rework) as well as customer returns and failure rate data in depth.
• Contribute and participate in the management oversight of the QMS.

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Jeremy Engel

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