The SRA Council maintains a number of committees to facilitate the governance and operation of the Society. There are two types of committees. Standing Committees are established under the Bylaws of the Society to serve functions necessary for the continuing operations of the Society. Ad Hoc Committees are established from time to time to fill specific current needs of the Society. The 2018 Society for Risk Analysis committees are listed below along with the chairs of the committees and committee charters; a list of some current committee members is also available. Members interested in the topics covered by committees or serving on a committee may contact their chairs.

Standing Committees

Committee Chair Charter
Annual Meeting Katherine McComas Charter
Audit Aylin Sertkaya Charter
Awards Pamela Williams Charter
Communication (includes website, newsletter, publicity, public policy) Frederic Bouder Charter
Conferences and Workshops Debra Kaden Charter
Education Scott Dotson
Patricia Nance
Executive Terje Aven Charter
Finance Bilal Ayyub
Henry Willis
Membership Joseph Arvai
Sally Kane
Nominating James H. Lambert Charter
Publications Margaret MacDonell Charter
Regions Frederic Bouder
Myriam Merad 
Shoji Tsuchida
Specialty Groups Sandra Hoffmann
Myriam Merad