Current Officers

2017 SRA CouncilSRA Council (2017)

The Officers and Councilors of the Society for Risk Analysis fulfill many duties. The names of the current members of the Council appear below. You can also find a complete list of past officers from 1981 to present in our Past Officers section.

Position Name Affiliation  
President Margaret MacDonell (2018) Argonne National Laboratory  
President-elect Terje Aven (2019)  University of Stavanger  
Secretary Sharon Friedman (2019) Lehigh University  
Treasurer Bilal Ayyub (2018) University of Maryland  
Past Treasurer Jacqueline Patterson (2017) University of Cincinnati  
Past President James H. Lambert (2017) University of Virginia  
Councilor Joe Arvai (2018) University of Michigan  
Councilor Frederic Bouder (2018) Maastricht University  
Councilor Robin Dillon-Merrill (2017) Georgetown University  
Councilor Bruce A. Fowler (2017) University of Alaska-Fairbanks and Emory University  
Councilor Sandra Hoffmann (2018) U.S. Dept. of Agriculture  
Councilor Sally Kane (2019) University of New South Wales  
Councilor Patricia Nance (2019) University of Cincinnati  
Councilor Shoji Tsuchida (2019) Kansai University  
Councilor Robyn S. Wilson (2017) The Ohio State University  
Executive Secretary Brett Burk Secretariat