Annual Meeting of the SRA-E Benelux Chapter


Bilthoven, The Netherlands

Event Dates

Monday, 20 March 2017

The Second Annual Meeting of SRA-E - Benelux will be held on 20 March 2017, at the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment - RIVM , Bilthoven, The Netherlands.

This year's focal theme will be: "From Vaccine to Anti-microbial resistance: exploring risk-risk trade-offs". Vaccination and antimicrobial resistance offer typical risk-risk dilemma where individual decisions about the safety and usefulness of products must be balanced against the public health goal of risk reduction. The monitoring as well as risk acceptance and communication of vaccines and antibiotic drugs have become increasingly challenging in a context characterised by public controversies and intensive media coverage. How can risk analysis help to inform and improve such risk-risk trade-offs?

Prof. Jaap van Dissel (Director of RIVM Centre for Infectious Disease Control)
Prof. Michael Siegrist, ETH Zürich. SRA Europe welcome.

Dr. Agnes Kant, Director, LAREB. Drug and Vaccine Safety: Lareb's experience

Dr. Mariken van der Lubben CiB, RIVM
Prof. Barbara Rath, Vienna Vaccine Safety Initiative. Antimicrobial resistance: a science-based perspective
Prof. Ragnar Löfstedt, panel chair: the trade-offs of Transparency.

The meeting is free of charge. Abstracts for individual presentations and symposia are welcome and are not restricted to this year's focal theme. Parallel sessions may be organised if the number of abstracts allow for this. Please send your abstract (under 200 words) before 15 February 2017 to:

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