SRA 2014 Annual Meeting


Denver, Colorado

Event Dates

Sunday, 7 December 2014 to Wednesday, 10 December 2014
Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting 2014

Risk Analysis: The Common Denominator
Sheraton Denver, Denver, Colorado
The theme of the meeting is using the risk analysis framework and risk-related tools to evaluate and solve complex or divisive environmental and public health issues, such as hydraulic fracturing, legalized marijuana use, and natural disasters (like the recent Colorado floods). Special emphasis will also be placed on the better integration of environmental, community, and occupational risk assessment methods and approaches.
The Society for Risk Analysis is a remarkable association. Its members are scientists and practitioners trained in multiple disciplines who come from around the world. They are employed by government, industry, consulting firms, NGOs, academic institutions, and themselves. They seek one another’s company because they face problems requiring such diverse perspectives. This diversity of disciplines and perspectives is crucial for gaining better insights into the complex challenges of globalization and can help policy makers to cope with the growing uncertainties and ambiguities of policy making.
Web submissions only - submission deadline is 21 May, 9 PM Pacific Time  SRA Submission Link:
Absolute Deadline, No Exceptions – applies to oral, poster and symposium submissions PROGRAM COMMITTEE’S ASSIGNMENTS ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE, PERIODPresenters must register by 1 October in order for abstract to be in Final Program.
An author may co-author any number of submissions but, as presenting author, may submit a maximum of 2 abstracts in the form of 1 proffered and 1 invited symposium abstract OR 1 proffered oral abstract and 1 proffered poster abstract OR 2 invited symposium abstracts.
The Annual Meeting will encompass several types of scientific sessions. The Program Committee does its best to honor your preferred format, but is constrained by the time and meeting space available.
Poster Presentations/Poster Platform Presentations
Poster sessions will be grouped by subject and presented either in larger groups, with author attendance during the poster reception (Monday 8 December, 6-8 PM), or in smaller groups as poster-platform sessions (during breakout session hours). The latter include 3-minute descriptions by authors at the start of each session, facilitated by a session chair assigned by the Program Committee. For poster sessions of either type, submit an abstract and check the appropriate box. Note that the Program Committee seeks to expand its poster and poster platform sessions – please consider this mode of participation.
Oral Presentations
Oral presentations will be grouped by subject and assigned a session chair by the Program Committee. Each oral presentation should take 15 minutes, followed by 5 minutes for audience questions and comments.  Speakers will be required by session chairs to adhere to time limits. For oral presentations, submit an abstract and check the appropriate box.
Symposia address a particular subject of interest through a multidisciplinary format. Symposium proposals are submitted as such, and are not organized by the Program Committee. Generally, symposia follow the same format as the oral presentations and should be limited to one 1½-hour session to the extent possible.  Preference will be given by the Program Committee to symposium proposals that truly reflect several risk-related disciplines. To submit a symposium proposal, use the online submission process at  Symposia may not include more than 2 session time slots. Unconventional formats of symposia such as world cafes or open space deliberations are encouraged. The more you involve the audience the better!
NOTE: The symposia organizer needs to first submit a abstract describing the symposia with proposed speakers.  The organizer will receive a symposia ID which will need to be given to the speakers.  Each speaker must use this ID to submit their abstract. ALL ABSTRACTS need to be received by the 21 May DEADLINE.
Your abstract will be printed directly from your online submission for the final program. You must pay registration fees by the preregistration deadline of 1 October to have your abstract published in the Final Program. Minor editing (punctuation and grammar) may be performed on your abstract; you will not see a revised version before publication.
NOTE:  Under no circumstances, can an abstract that has been submitted for presentation be changed. The Program Committee regards a submitted abstract as a commitment to present. The Program Committee also regards cancellations, particularly after the abstract has been accepted, as incompatible with good professional conduct.  If extenuating circumstances prevent the presenting author from making the presentation, it is that author’s obligation to find an alternate presenter and to contact the session moderator or program co-chairs, as well as the Secretariat, about the change.

Author Box  Type each author(s) name all with initial capitals, last name followed by first and middle initials., in the appropriate box i.e., Zimmermann, AR (Author Box 1), Burk, BJ (Author Box 2) and Schock, D (Author Box 3).
Affiliation Box
Type the affiliation(s) in upper and lower case in the box. DO NOT include your department’s name when listing the address(es) of the author(s). Capitalization and punctuation must be as shown in the sample (Texas Tech University and Mayo Clinic).
Title Box 
Enter the title of your abstract in the box in upper and lower case.
Abstract Box 
The abstract will be published as submitted in the Final Program. There should be no margin at the top; keep all text flush left. Enter only the single-paragraph body of the text in the abstract box.
The program committee will use keywords to assist in placing the abstracts in the sessions. You must list at least one keyword, but no more than five.
Preferred Presentation Format
Please indicate your preference. There is no guarantee that your preference will be accommodated.
Poster             Poster Platform         Oral Presentation
Specialty Group
The Annual Meeting Program Committee includes representatives from all of the SRA Specialty Groups. You must identify a primary Specialty Group that may find your abstract of particular interest. You can separately indicate other Specialty Groups. Students should note that selecting one or more of these groups will determine which group(s) will consider you for a Student Merit award.
Please select from the following list of Specialty Group(s):

Decision Analysis and Risk
Ecological Risk Assessment
Economics and Benefits Analysis
Emerging Nanoscale Materials

Engineering and Infrastructure
Exposure Assessment
Foundational Issues in Risk Analysis
Microbial Risk Analysis
Occupational Health and Safety
Risk Communication
Risk & Development
Risk Policy and Law
Security and Defense
Other (Please specify:)

Final Abstract Notes
The total number of characters in the abstract body is 2000. The abstract text-body will not be accepted if the total exceeds that number. To be considered for inclusion in the Program, all poster, symposium and oral submissions must be received by the SRA Headquarters via the SRA webpage by 21 May 2014.
Submissions for posters, symposium and oral presentations MUST be made using the SRA website  If you cannot submit via the web, contact the SRA Secretariat at (703) 790-1745 for assistance.
The Program Committee reserves the right to assign your submittal to the presentation type that best suits the technical program.
YOU WILL RECEIVE AN E-MAIL FROM SRA ACKNOWLEDGING RECEIPT OF YOUR ABSTRACT.  IF AN EMAIL CONFIRMATION IS NOT RECEIVED THAT MEANS YOUR ABSTRACT SUBMISSION WAS NOT RECEIVED BY THE ACCEPTANCE PORTAL. Speakers will be notified by the Program Committee of acceptance or rejection in July. The Program Committee expects that papers will have the approval of the author’s management prior to abstract submission.  Notification of acceptance/rejection and day, time and presentation format will be sent via email to the presenting author. All persons attending the Annual Meeting (including speakers) are required to pay the appropriate registration fees as indicated on the registration form. In your confirmation email, you will receive a unique abstract ID. Please keep your ID because it MUST be used when registering for the meeting. Registration materials will be emailed to confirmed speakers
in September. Speakers must register by the preregistration deadline, 1 October, to ensure publication of their abstract in the Final Program.
Each specialty group gives monetary awards to students & young professionals who submit under their specialty group.  When submitting an abstract to be considered for a specialty group award you must indicate on the submission form which group you would like to be considered for. Specialty Group Merit awards are up to $500 and complimentary registertion. You do not need to be a member of the Specialty Group(s) to select it. Primary Specialty Group must be selected.
There are a limited number of travel awards available to eligible students & young professionals (having graduated within last 2 years). Students & young professionals wishing to apply for a travel award should request consideration for the award in writing and submit an extended abstract (1,000 words) in addition to the standard abstract.  The brief written request should include a description of how involvement with SRA activities plays a role in your career objectives. Applications from African American, Latino, and Native American students & young professionals are encouraged. If SRA cannot fund all the requests, awards will be made on the basis of abstract quality, as determined by the Program Committee. The deadline for submittal of abstract, extended abstract, and request is 21 May 2014 via the online abstract submission form. Students & young professionals accepted for a travel award will be obigated to work at the annual meeting for a 4 hour shift. In order to receive the award you must become a 2014 SRA member (2014 student/young professional dues cost $55). Award includes complimentary meeting registration.
Students may apply for a specialty group merit award and this award. Typical awards range from $150-$500.
The Society is making available limited resources to non-US participants (students and non-students) to partially assist in defraying travel and/or per diem costs associated with the Annual Meeting. Individuals wishing to solicit such support MUST submit their request via the abstract submission form by filling out the International Travel Award submittal form. Consideration will be based on acceptance of an abstract for presentation at this meeting and on demonstrated financial need. The deadline for submittal is 21 May 2014.  Non-US students are encouraged to apply. In order to recieve the award you must become a 2014 SRA member.  Award includes complimentary meeting registration. Typical awards range from $250-$800.


The preliminary program will be posted on the website in early September. Final programs will be available at the meeting in December. Preregistration and hotel reservation information will be included as a part of the preliminary program.



Computer projection of PowerPoint slides is the format for oral presentations. You will be required to submit your presentation ahead of time. Complete submission guidelines will be available online. Please be aware that a large number of submissions selected will be presented as posters. Poster board dimensions: 8’ wide x 4’ high. Poster presenters must be available at designated session time.



The meeting will be located at the Sheraton Denver in Denver, CO. The Sheraton is located in the center of downtown Denver and is perfectly located on by the 16th Street Mall, a mile-long pedestrian promenade of outdoor bistros, microbreweries, shopping and entertainment. Hop on the free shuttle and you’ll be whisked around the area which also includes some of Denver’s top attractions: The Denver Performing Arts Complex, Colorado Convention Center and the City’s major professional sports stadiums. The hotel is located just 35 minutes from Denver International Airport.



Workshops will take place on Sunday, 7 December, one day prior to the regular meeting sessions. Workshop proposals are evaluated by the Conferences & Workshops Committee, not the Program Committee.  Workshops are generally ½ day (4 hours) or full day (8 hours) and are educational in nature. Workshop proposals should include a syllabus and a budget and must be submitted via the SRA webpage. For complete instructions, please visit:  Deadline for submission of workshops is 21 May 2014.



Booth space is available for companies or individuals who are interested in promoting risk related products or services.  For further information on exhibiting, contact Siobhan Tabor at at (703) 475-3968; Fax: (703) 790-2672.



SRA Secretariat: 703-790-1745, Fax 703-790-2672



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