SRA Australia and New Zealand Conference 2017


Melbourne, Australia

Event Dates

Monday, 20 November 2017 to Thursday, 23 November 2017

Risk in an Interconnected World

Our world is more interconnected than ever before. From transport and technology, to trade and the environment, increasing interconnectedness presents significant challenges to government, industry and the individual. What emergent risks are we likely to face and how can we manage them?
The 10th Annual Conference of the Society for Risk Analysis Australia and New Zealand (SRA-ANZ) will delve into risk and interconnectedness from the perspective of academia, government and industry. Oral presentations will cover many aspects of risk, risk analysis and risk management. Topics may cover:

  • How does globalisation influence risk?
  • How are risks affected by increasing interconnectedness, and what does this mean for risk analysis and management in the future?
  • What innovative methodologies are available for the monitoring and surveillance of emerging risks, both locally and internationally?
  • What risks do consumers face in a highly connected world?
  • How do we think about risk in decision-making, given the interconnected nature of social, economic and environmental tradeoffs?
  • How has the use of technology changed the collection and sharing of risk-related information, and where are there opportunities for further improvement?
  • What role does government play in risk management in an interconnected world?
  • What role does interconnectedness play in how we understand and deal with the risks presented by climate change?
  • How do governments and industry manage the risks relating to info security and cyber attacks?
  • What are the applications for Bayesian networks in a risk-related setting?

Further details can be found here.