Images of Risk Competition

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2017 SRA Annual Meeting
Images of Risk Competition

Images of Risk is a competition where we invite you to submit an original image which you have created to communicate an interesting aspect of risk or risk analysis (capturing risk concepts, risk assessment, risk communication, risk perception, risk management, risk governance and risk policies, as well as related terms such as safety, security and resilience). The image may be a photograph or a drawing or diagram. In particular we welcome images related to the theme of the Meeting: Risk Analysis – the Profession, the Practitioners, the Research.

Why take part in the competition?

Images of Risk offers an exciting opportunity to communicate who you are or what you do as a risk analysis professional or scientist within the SRA community and more widely. There will be prizes for different categories of entry (e.g. PhD students, practitioners, academics).  The overall contest winner will receive $500 cash and category winners will each receive $100.

Who can take part in the competition?

Anyone who is registered to participate in the 2017 Annual meeting can take part in this competition. If you are contributing an abstract, then you may wish to submit an image associated with your presentation, or you could also submit an image on a completely different project if you wish. Equally, if you are planning to attend the Meeting then this is also an opportunity to present aspects of your work without having to give a conventional presentation.

What do example images look like?

Images of Risk is a new event at SRA Annual Meetings. However various institutions run such events and we are able to provide links to illustrative images with a much broader scope than SRA can be found here. For some tips for preparing an image, click here.

Where will your image be displayed?

The images will be displayed in the exhibition space during the SRA Annual Meeting, and after the conference we would like to share images on our website.

What are the requirements for your image?

Your image should be in either jpeg or tiff format (tiff format is preferred). No other file formats will be accepted. The file should be a minimum of 300 dpi at A3 size. No explanatory text should be embedded on your image. Your image can be in colour or black and white. It can be landscape, portrait or square. Images should be ones that you have taken or created.

How to submit your entry?

To submit your image, go here. You need to provide a title and short description of your image, complete a copyright consent form and ensure that all images are your own or you have permission to use them.

When to submit your entry for the competition?

The deadline for submission of all entries has been extended to November 15, 2017. The creator must be registered for the conference, but need not be a contributing presenter.

How will your image be judged?

The Images of Risk Competition will be judged by a broad panel of participants at the conference. There will also be a best Image Award voted by the conference participants. 

When will results of the competition be announced?

The winners shall be announced during the Annual Meeting.