2012 SRA Award Winners

Recipients of Society for Risk Analysis Awards at the 2012 SRA Annual Meeting in San Francisco


Suresh Moolgavkar 2012 Richard J. Burk Outstanding Service Award

Detlof von Winterfeld 2012 Distinguished Achievement Award

Jonathan Levy  2012 Chauncey Starr Distinguished Young Risk Analyst Award

Todd Bridges  2012 Outstanding Practitioner Award

Richard Wilson 2012 Distinguished Educator Award

Ann Bostrom 2012 President Gavel Award

Scott Ferson, Jose Palma-Oliveira, Michael Siegrist, Pamela Williams — 2012 Fellows


Best Poster Awards

Sarah Timberlake

Amy Dale

Jonathan Wellburn

John Besley

Lisa Kenney


Specialty Group Awards

Decision Analysis and Risk: Douglas Bessette, Danail Hristozov

Dose Response: Casey Ta

Ecological Risk Assessment: Heitor Duarte

Economics and Benefits Analysis: Magdalene Matthews

Emerging Nanoscale Materials: Christian Beaudrie

Engineering and Infrastructure: Stephen Rose

Microbial Risk Analysis: Hao Pang, Jory Wahlen

Risk and Development: John Coles

Risk Policy and Law: Tsung-ling Lee, Reut Snir

Security and Defense: David Blum


SRA 2012 Student and International Travel Awards

Richard Amlot, Eva Andrijcic, Douglas Bessette, Carola Blazquez, Camila Cabrera, Marie Catalano, Jessica Cheadle, Rochelle Christian, Yi Ting Chua, Pamela Cisternas, John Coles, Christopher Cummings, Sandra DeMichelis, Christina Demski, Elsabe du Plessis, Rana El Yahchouchy, Pascal Empereur-Bissonet, Mehmet Ertem, Gang-Zhi Fan, Fadri Gottschalk, Julia Guivant, Zhenyu Guo, Mansour Hajbagheri, Michael Hamilton, Danail Hristozov, Tailin Huang, Taher Jamshidi, Wan Jiao, Lisa Kenney, Hye Kyung Kim, Se-Jin Kim, Stephanie Kowal, Pilar Lapuente, Connie Lu, Magdalene Matthews, Guha Neela, Anne-Marie Nicol, Hao Pang, Lina Parra, Andres Pica Tellez, Marijn Poortvliet, Claire Poulizac, Ravi Rajan, David Retchless, Sergio Rodriguez, Sungjong Roh, Justin Rolfe-Redding, Andres Romero, Stephen Rose, Farzad Sadeghi, Mohammad Salsal, Viola Schetula, Xiaojun Shan, Reut Snir, Bojan Srdjevic, Andrea Staid, Valetina Strappa, Casey Ta, Elisa Tatham, Merryn Thomas, Amalia Turner, Charlotte Wager, Jory Wahlen, Wen Wang, Hui Wang, Dominic Way, Jonathan Welburn, Jiayun Yao, and Adam Zwickel


Risk Analysis Journal Awards

Best Papers 2012 (Volume 32)

A Review of Risk Perceptions and Other Factors that Influence Flood Mitigation Behavior, 32(9):1481-1495—Philip Bubeck, Prof. Dr. Jeroen Aerts, Willem Jan Botzen, Terje Aven, Ortwin Renn

Modeling Intelligent Adversaries for Terrorism Risk Assessment: Some Necessary Conditions for Adversary Models, 32(7):1117–1121—Seth Guikema

Adversarial Risk Analysis for Counterterrorism Modeling, 32(5):894–915—Jesus M. Rios Aliaga

Exploring Robust Alternatives for Climate Adaptation in Forest Land Management, 32(12):2098–2112—Tim McDaniels, Tamsin Mills, Robin Gregory, Dan Ohlson

Adversarial Risk Analysis with Incomplete Information: A Level-k Approach, 32(7):1219–1231—Casey Rothschild, Laura McLay, Seth Guikema


Best Issue

Special Issue: The Impact of the Reduction in Tobacco Smoking on U.S. Lung Cancer Mortality (1975-2000): Collective Results from the Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modeling Network (CISNET)—Eric (Rocky) Feuer, David Levy, Suresh Moolgavkar, MD, PhD, Marek Kimmel, Lauren Clarke


Best Reviewers 2012

Craig Trumbo

Don Schaffner

James Hammitt

Jim Lambert

Mitchell Small