SRA’s Dose Response Specialty Group Upcoming Teleseminar Features Talk on WHO Framework

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014, at noon to 1 pm Eastern time, Bette Meek from the University of Ottawa will speak on “Application of the World Health Organization Framework for Combined Exposures.” This continues the ongoing DRSG teleseminar series.

Meek is the Associate Director of Chemical Risk Assessment at the McLaughlin Centre Institute of Population Health at the University of Ottawa. To learn how to join the group via teleconference or web conference for this presentation, visit the DRSG home page here.

On October 7, in the fourth presentation of the 2014 series, Thais Morata from the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health will talk about her research on the synergistic effects of exposure to chemicals and excessive noise.

Previous 2014 DRSG teleseminars included a May talk by Cynthia Rider, a toxicologist at the US National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences who spoke about recent mixtures research at the Institute, and an August talk by Daniel Doerge from the US FDA National Center for Toxicological Research, who presented the Center’s recent research on Bisphenol A.

The DRSG site also features general information about the group, including how to sign up for email notifications of future meetings and events, plus a complete list of previous years' teleseminars.