Call for Papers for Special Issue of Wiley Journal Risk Analysis: “Advances of Risk Analysis with Big Data”

Guest Editors:
Tsan-Ming Choi, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
James H. Lambert, University of Virginia

With cloud computing, internet-of-things, wireless sensors, social media, etc., organizations and enterprises amass data that challenges existing computing resources. Current risk analysis methodology and applications are awaiting related advances and breakthroughs. For example, burgeoning data are available with the RFID based security tracking systems, which reduces operations costs as well as improves the level of security. Financial data supports decision making under risk for individual investors as well as governing bodies. In disaster management, there is increasing capability for anticipation of earthquakes, extreme weathers, etc which helps with preparedness, response, and resilience. This special issue includes the following topics:

  • Big data-driven optimization models for risk analysis
  • Systems optimization with big data
  • Disaster management and control with big data
  • Healthcare operations with big data
  • Risk communication with inputs of streaming social media
  • Security, safety, reliability, resilience
  • Financial engineering and portfolio analytics
  • Principles and policies for big data storage and privacy
  • Others

Papers either introducing or reviewing innovative methodology are especially welcome.