Risk Policy and Law Specialty Group

The Risk Policy and Law (RP&L) Specialty Group of the Society for Risk Analysis is a group of scientists, social scientists, lawyers, engineers, and others interested in the interface between risk analysis, public policy, and laws. The RP&L Specialty Group was formerly called the “Risk, Science & Law” Specialty Group; it changed its name in 2006. The group’s goal is to support collaborative research and dialogue to identify and illuminate issues that arise from risk-related legislative acts, regulatory rules, treaties, oversight and review mechanisms, judicial proceedings, and other legal institutions.

Members should provide suggestions and ideas for future activities to Kirk T. Harley.

Risk Policy and Law Specialty Group
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The Risk Policy and Law Group Seeks Your Input!

Dear Risk, Policy & Law (RP&L) speciality group members,

Creating a useful website resource. We want to turn the website into a useful resource for RP&L members (http://www.sra.org/rplsg). We would greatly appreciate any suggestions (no matter how obvious they may seem!) for links to relevant journals, annual events, blogs, updates etc... Do you know any good website links that we can post on the RP&L webpage? Are there any websites that you use regularly that members are likely to be interested in?

Improving communication between members. We want to make it much easier for members to announce/promote RP&L relevant activities (e.g. events, new books, special journal issues etc). We will therefore create a mailing list (e.g. LISTSERV) for the group and send round details in due course. Please let us know if you have other suggestions.

Connecting members. We feel that it’s currently too difficult to connect with other members (e.g. knowing who else is in the RP&L group). One idea was to create a list of members for the RP&L webpage so we can easily and quickly find each other. Having a hyperlinked name of each member would be the most manageable and useful so that members can browse through other others profiles. If you would like your name and a link to your professional webpage on the RP&L website then please send these details to dominic.way@kcl.ac.uk.

Comments and Suggestions. Please send us comments/suggestions and ideas for future activities. We would like to do one big event and a couple smaller events in 2014.

Best wishes,

Risk, Policy & Law Committee (2014)

Nancy Beck - Chair (nancy_beck@americanchemistry.com)
Gary Marchant - Vice Chair (Gary.Marchant@asu.edu)
Frederic Bouder - Past Chair (f.bouder@maastrichtuniversity.nl)
Genya Dana - Councilor (DanaGV@state.gov)
Charlene Liu - Councilor at Large (LiuSh@cdmsmith.com)
Dominic Way - Secretary/Treasurer (dominic.way@kcl.ac.uk)


Dominic Balog-Way