SRA Webinar Series, Workshop, and Round Table Panel Discussion

Understanding Perceptions of Benefits and Risks Posed by Microbiota of Milks

Project Description

Three regional organizations (ROs) of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) are again partnering in 2017 to address a controversial topic of global significance: Understanding Perceptions and Evidence of Benefits and Risks of Consuming Fresh Unprocessed Milk. The partnering ROs organized a unique risk analysis project beginning with a webinar series on new scientific evidence and culminating in a workshop and a round table panel discussion at the 2017 SRA annual meeting (December 10-14, Arlington, VA).

RO Project Plan


The safety and health benefits associated with fresh unprocessed milk (certified raw milk in the US or raw drinking milk in the UK) merit consideration by SRA risk analysis practitioners and stakeholders. In the past (FDA, 2003), risk and attendant uncertainty, but not benefits, were estimated for pasteurized and ‘pre-pasteurized’ milk (not fresh unprocessed milk from licensed dairies intended for consumption as certified raw milk). As scientific knowledge of the impacts of the human microbiome on health and disease continues to advance, the next generation (NextGen) microbial risk assessments cannot continue to exclude the microbiota. The partnering SRA ROs organized this project to include a webinar series to provide necessary context on the microbiota and the history of the ‘milk wars’ for meaningful exercise of analytic-deliberative process in a workshop and round table panel symposium at the SRA annual meeting in 2017.

Phase One - Webinar Series: Microbiota Informing NextGen Risks and Benefits

The partnering ROs organized a series of 5 webinar sessions, beginning in January, 2017. The first four webinars will be one hour in duration, and the final webinar is anticipated to be two or more hours in duration. Podcast recordings of the webinars will be prepared for posting on the SRA website.

Download Slides (PDF) of Microbiota Informing Next-Generation Risks & Benefits - August 2017 Webinar by Peg Coleman and Werner North

Download Slides (PDF) of The Bovine Milk Microbiome - May 2017 Webinar by Dr. Mark McGuire

Download Slides (PDF) of Human Milk: Mother Nature's Prototypical Probiotic Food?  - March 2017 Webinar by Dr. Michelle McGuire

Download Slides (PDF) of Protecting the Human Superorganism - January 2017 Webinar by Dr. Rodney Dietert

Phase Two -  Workshop

The partnering ROs are proposing a full-day workshop on this topic at the 2017 SRA meeting (Sunday, Dec 10 and/or Thursday, Dec 14). The proposal will be submitted in the spring of 2017 through the Risk Communication Specialty Group, the Microbial Risk Analysis Specialty Group, and other specialty groups as appropriate.

Phase Three - Round Table Discussion

The partnering ROs are proposing a Round Table Panel symposium for the 2017 SRA annual meeting. The organizers will prepare a proposal in the spring of 2017. The proposal will be submitted through the Risk Communication Specialty Group, the Microbial Risk Analysis Specialty Group, and other specialty groups as appropriate.

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