Postdoctoral Scholar Position in Probabilistic Hazard Assessment


University of Maryland College Park


College Park, MD


A postdoctoral researcher is sought to assist in research activities focusing on understanding the impacts of the quantitative frameworks used to probabilistically assess natural hazards on (re)insurance markets and policies. Probabilistic assessments of natural hazards serve as the starting point for risk assessments and subsequent risk-informed decisions. The quantitative assessment frameworks used for various natural hazard groups (e.g., coastal, fire, seismic, precipitation, and inland flooding hazards) have been developed and researched in relative isolation, leading to significant differences in the way in which the respective hazard assessments are performed. Initially, this project will focus on (1) examining the fundamental conceptual and practical differences in frameworks used to assess a range of natural hazards, and (2) exploring and quantifying how these differences are the result of or have led to differences in regulatory risk tolerances and (re)insurance markets. This project will also identify opportunities to learn and transfer knowledge across natural hazards-centric engineering, policy, and actuarial disciplines with the goal of improving and bringing consistency across hazards. (Advisors: Drs. Bensi and Niemeier).

The minimum qualifications are provided in the job ads. We are especially interested in candidates who bring positive energy and enjoy working in highly interdisciplinary environments. Further, applications from candidates from underrepresented groups (including but not limited to racial/ethnic minorities, first-generation college students, those who have experienced significant financial hardships, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ folks, and military veterans) are particularly welcome.

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Shelby Bensi

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