Senior Environmental Human Health Risk Assessor


Vermont Department of Health


Burlington, VT


The Vermont Health Department is accepting applications for a Senior Environmental Human Health Risk Assessor. Work will include (1) research and development of human health-based guidance values for water, soil and air following processes and procedures established by the Vermont Department of Health. This work requires research to identify and obtain relevant documents including but not limited to chemical-specific information regarding environmental fate and persistence, toxicology, and exposure assessment and conduct in depth review of such; (2) research and development of processes and procedures that may be used to derive action levels/guidance values for human exposure to chemicals in other media as warranted e.g., food, sediment; (3) maintenance of a Vermont-specific mercury-based fish consumption advisory for sensitive subpopulations and the general public; (4) review, and as requested assist in development of, site-specific quantitative human health risk assessments in collaboration with the Department of Environmental Conservation or other state entities; (5) review of permit applications and pesticides proposed for use in the State; (6) participation in chemical and radiological emergency preparedness.

The position will be expected to review work conducted by federal agencies, other states and international entities. Extensive experience in quantitative human health risk assessment is preferred. Applicants must apply online.

Contact Name

Sarah Vose, State Toxicologist

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