Awards List for Overseas Editorial Members


For the Best Contribution to SRA-China, and Significant Service for Official Journal JRACR (最佳贡献奖)

  • Professor Cengiz Kahraman, Istanbul Technical University. Research Area: Fuzzy Decision Making; Risk Management
  • Professor David M. Hassenzahl, Chatham University. Research Area: Risk Assessment and Management; Environmental Risk Decision Making; Decision Making for Public Affairs; Environmental Policy; esearch Methods; Risk Assessment and Management for Emergency, Crisis and Homeland Security
  • K. Harald Drager (President of TIEMS), The International Emergency Management Society. Research Area: Emergency Management
  • Olivier Salvi (Senior Manager), Institut National de l’Environnement Industriel et des Risques. Research Area: Environmental Chemistry; Nanotechnology and Petrochemistry
  • Dr. Vincent Ho, Hong Kong Association of Risk Management and Safety. Research Area: Probabilistic Risk Assessment; Quantitative Risk Assessment Uncertainty Analysis; Fire Risk Assessment; EOSH; Safety Culture; Safety Management; Risk Management; Decision Analysis; ERM; Nuclear Engineering; Crisis Management; Accident Analysis; Human Factor; SMS Maturity Model; Security Analysis
  • Professor Dusan Marcek, University of Žilina. Research Area: Application of IT in RACR; Risk Analysis and Risk Management in the Financial Industry
  • Professor George Wang, East Carolina University. Research Area: Risk Management in Constructed Facilities; Professionalism, Ethics and Leadership; Infrastructure Construction and Quality Management
  • Professor Ortwin Renn, University of Stuttgart. Research Area: Risk Governance
  • Professor Snjezana Knezic, University of Split. Research Area: Decision Support Systems for Disaster and Emergency Management; Risk Analysis and Hazard & Vulnerability Assessment for Disaster and Emergency Management
  • Dr. Nikolaos P. Ventikos, National Technical University of Athens. Research Area: Marine Safety; Oil Marine Pollution; Marine Pollution; Risk Engineering; Accident Analysis; Environmental Systems Engineering; Human Factor; Salvage Engineering; Maritime Security; Integrated Transport Safety; Data Mining; Statistical Modeling; Port Operations

For Outstanding Contribution to SRA-China, and Significant Service for Official Journal JRACR(突出贡献奖)

  • Professor Aleksandar S. Jovanovic, Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies GmbH. Research Area: Integrated Risk Management; Emerging Risks; Industrial Safety; Life Cycle Analysis; Advanced Materials
  • Professor Gordon Huang, University of Regina. Research Area:Multi-Criteria Risk Analysis; Hydrological Disasters; Environmental Risks
  • Dr. Marti Nadal, Rovira i Virgili University. Research Area: Toxicology; Environmental Health
  • Professor Dana L. Hoag, Colorado State University. Research Area: Risk Management; Agriculture; Environment/Natural Resources,
  • Professor Marc Poumadere, Institute Symlog de France. Research Area: Accident Prevention and Risk Management
  • Professor Roberto Bubbico, University of Rome "La Sapienza". Research Area: Risk Analysis; Chemical and Process Engineering; Transportation Risk Analysis
  • Professor Sviatoslav Timashev, Russian Academy of Sciences. Research Area: Risk Analysis of Large Systems; Regional Risk Management
  • Professor Yundong Huang, Murray State University. Research Area: Internal/Operation Risk Analysis; Strategic Risk Analysis with Agent Based Modeling