Current Officers

2019 SRA CouncilSRA Council (2019)

The Officers and Councilors of the Society for Risk Analysis fulfill many duties. The names of the current members of the Council appear below. You can also find a complete list of past officers from 1981 to present in our Past Officers section.


Position Name Affiliation
President Katherine McComas (2019) Cornell University
President-elect Seth Guikema (2020) University of Michigan
Secretary Elisabeth Gilmore (2020) Clark University
Treasurer Henry Willis (2020) RAND
Past-Treasurer Bilal Ayyub (2018) University of Maryland
Past President Terje Aven (2018) University of Stavanger
Councilor Mark Borsuk (2021) Duke University
Councilor Royce Francis (2019) George Washington University
Councilor Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson (2020) Indiana University
Councilor Sally Kane (2019) Independent Consultant
Councilor Myriam Merad (2020) National Center for Scientific Research, France
Councilor Shital Thekdi (2021) University of Richmond
Councilor Shoji Tsuchida (2019) Kansai University
Councilor Pia-Johanna Schweizer (2021) Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Germany
Councilor Vanessa Schweizer (2021) University of Waterloo, Canada
Executive Secretary Brett Burk Secretariat
Managing Director Jill Drupa Secretariat

Election Results

  • Robyn Wilson, President-Elect Designate
  • Ben Trump, Treasurer-Elect Designate
  • Weihsueh Chiu, Council Designate
  • Nick Pidgeon, Council Designate
  • Amina Wilkins, Council Designate