Engineering and Infrastructure Specialty Group

About EISG

The Engineering and Infrastructure Specialty Group (EISG) supports SRA members for risk and policy analysis applied toward infrastructure management and engineering problems. The variety of topics include energy, environmental protection and pollution prevention, transportation, homeland security, disaster preparedness and response, technology regulation, and water and wastewater, among many others. EISG sponsors best student paper awards, encourages infrastructure managment and engineering submissions for the journal Risk Analysis, pursues joint activities with engineering professional societies, and invites and reviews engineering papers for the annual meeting.

Become a Member of EISG!

If you are an SRA member, there is no cost to becoming a member of EISG. Please email Mary Lou Scarbrough to become a EISG member and ask to be added to the email listserve. The executive committee sends occasional emails to EISG on news, information for the annual meeting, and other items. You can also join the EISG LinkedIn group even if you are not an SRA member.


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Membership Renewal

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LinkedIn Group for SRA EISG

EISG has started a LinkedIn group! We plan to use this group to generate discussions about topics in engineering and infrastructure risk. Please join the group and comment on discussions or begin your own!