Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis 2019 Annual Conference


Washington, DC

Event Dates

Wednesday, 13 March 2019 to Friday, 15 March 2019

The Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis (SBCA) is accepting abstracts and workshop proposals for participation in our 2019 annual conference. Abstracts and proposals are due October 26, 2018. Conference registration is now open!

The SBCA is an international group of practitioners, academics and others who are working to improve the theory and application of the tools of benefit cost analysis (BCA). We welcome submissions that support the enhanced use of such analysis to promote evidence-based decision making. We define BCA broadly, including cost analysis, cost effectiveness analysis, risk-benefit analysis, applied welfare economics, damage assessment and other methods. Applications in any public policy area are encouraged. For example, proposals may be in such areas as:

  • Civil and criminal justice
  • Education and training
  • Energy, natural resources, and environment
  • Finance and financial markets
  • Food and agriculture
  • Health, health insurance, and health care
  • International trade and development
  • Safety and security
  • Social welfare programs
  • State and local policy
  • Teaching Benefit-Cost Analysis
  • Theory and methods
  • Transportation and infrastructure
  • Workforce and workplace.

For additonal information, please visit the conference website.