SRA 2013 Annual Meeting


Baltimore, Maryland

Event Dates

Sunday, 8 December 2013 to Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Society for Risk Analysis is a remarkable association. Its members are scientists and practitioners trained in multiple disciplines who come from around the world. They are employed by government, industry, consulting firms, NGOs, academic institutions, and themselves.  They seek one another’s company because they face problems requiring such diverse perspectives.  This diversity of disciplines and perspectives is crucial for gaining better insights into the complex challenges of globalization and can help policy makers to cope with the growing uncertainties and ambiguities of policy making.

About the Event

The theme of the 2013 Annual Meeting was Risk Analysis for Better Policies, highlighting sessions that identify ways that risk analysis can assist private and public policy makers to improve decisions in a world of complex and uncertain governance challenges. The meeting was held in Baltimore, MD and included several plenary sessions and many technical sessions in the form of oral presentations, posters, and poster-platforms. See the following links for additional information from the meeting, including the program, abstracts, and workshops.


Continuing Education Workshops