SRA Webinar Series


This is video of SRA's most recent webinar, followed by links to our previous webinars:

April 1, 2020, "Addressing Uncertainty to Make Better Marketing Investment Decisions", by John Busbice

March 12, 2020, "Risk Analysis Perspectives on COVID-19 Outbreak", panel moderated by Seth Guikema

March 4, 2020, "Risk Analysis Encompassing Disruptions of System Orders with Applications to Smart Cities, Energy and Logistics", by James Lambert

February 5, 2020, "Valuing Statistical Lives: Concepts, Current Practices, and Challenges", by Lisa Robinson

December 4, 2019, "Navigating the Risk Landscape", by Alison Bernstein and Iida Ruishalme

November 6, 2019, "Sensitivity Analysis For Risk Assessment", by Emanuele Borgonovo. The presentation and animation slides are also available.

October 2, 2019, "SRA Code of Conduct Progress", by Katherine McComas, Seth Guikema and Brett Burk

September 4, 2019, "How can we Evaluate the Quality of Risk Analyses in Support of Effective Risk Management?", by Steve Ackerlund, John Lathrop and Willy Willy Røed. The handout Analysis Quality Test Battery and presentation slides are also available.

July 3, 2019, "How Risk Research Can Inform Professional Practice - Experiences From Disaster Risk Management Research in Sweden", by Henrik Tehler

June 5, 2019, "Game-Theoretic and Reliability Methods for Counterterrorism and Security", by Vicki Bier

April 3, 2019, "Overview of Specialty Group Topic Areas and How to Get Involved", by specialty group chairs. Some of presenters' slides are also available as PDF files: Willy RøedRoger Flage.

March 6, 2019, "SRA: Who We Are & Opportunities to Engage", by Katherine McComas and Seth Guikema

November 28, 2018, "Core Subjects of Risk Analysis Systemic Risks: Challenges for Public Discourse and Policy Making", by Ortwin Renn

October 24, 2018, "The Mechanics of a System of Guidelines for Analysis Supporting Risk Management Decisions. Trying Out a New Perspective: Analysis Quality Challenge Process", by John Lathrop

September 26, 2018, "Toward Safer Consumer Products: Exploring the Use of Multi-Criteria (MCDA) and Structured Decision Making (SDM) Approaches for Chemical Alternatives Assessment", by Christian Beaudrie and Charles Corbett

September 5, 2018, "Core Subjects of Risk Analysis: Applied Risk Management: A Company Perspective", by Willy Røed. Also available: PDF file of webinar slides.

August 2, 2018, "Core Subjects of Risk Analysis: Risk Communication & Risk Perception", by John Besley

June 6, 2018, "Counteracting the Politicization of Science," by Toby Bolsen. Also available: PDF file of webinar slides.

May 2, 2018, "Core Subjects of Risk Analysis: Risk Management & Policy," by Terje Aven and Frederic Bouder

April 9, 2018, "Risk Assessment: From Expert Judgement to Big Data," by Seth Guikema

February 7, 2018, "Core Subjects of Risks Analysis - Introduction and Overview: Fundamentals of Risk Analysis," by Terje Aven

November 9, 2017, "Webinar on SRA: Who We Are & Opportunities to Engage," by Margaret MacDonell and Terje Aven

October 17, 2017, "Webinar on Development and Resilience: Introducing the Fifth SRA World Congress on Risk, Cape Town, South Africa, 6-8 May 2019," by Igor Linkov and Dalila Antunes

September 13, 2017, "How do we write and promulgate domain-specific guidelines for analyses supporting risk management? Issues & arguments." Also available: PDF file of webinar slides.

August 29, 2017, "Advancing the Science Webinar Series 4th Installment: Preparing to Deliberate Evidence on Benefits and Risks Posed by the Microbiota of Milks," by Peg Coleman and Warner North

July 25, 2017, "Elimination of Measles and Rubella: Managing Risks to Prevent Adverse Health Effects and Save Money," by Stephen Cochi, James Goodson, Susan Reef and Kimberly Thompson

June 23, 2017, "Risk Frameworks for the Simultaneous Intersection of Infrastructure Interdependencies, Infrastructure Usage, and Extreme Events," by Rae Zimmerman
(Note that the audio difficulties end at 1:43.)

May 23, 2017, "Advancing the Science Webinar Series 3rd Installment: Bovine Milk Microbiota," by Mark McGuire 

March 21, 2017, "Human Milk: Mother Nature's Prototypical Probiotic Food," by Michelle McGuire

February 28, 2017, "Prioritizing and Managing Risks of Health Threats with Decision Analysis," by Gilberto Montibeller

February 14, 2017, "Methods for National Security Risk Quantification and Optimal Resource Allocation," by Robert Brigantic

January 24, 2017, "Protecting the Human Superorganism," by Rodney Dietert.  Also available: PDF file of webinar slides.

January 10, 2017, "The Frank R  Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act (LCSA)," by Jeff Morris, Karyn Schmidt and Richard Williams.  Slides (PDF files): Webinar intro; Morris; Schmidt; Williams

October 14, 2016, "Disaster Resilience of Systems: Quantification and Economic Valuation for Decision and Policy Making," by Bilal Ayyub

September 19, 2016, "Multiple Numeric Competencies in Risky Judgments and Choices," by Ellen Peters

August 31, 2016, "Webinar on Principles, Guidelines and Core Knowledge for Analytic Support of Risk Management” by John Lathrop

July 26, 2016, "Welcome and Introduction to the Society for Risk Analysis" by James H. Lambert and Margaret M. MacDonell

June 29, 2016, "A Causal Analytics Toolkit (CAT) for Assessing Exposure-Response Relations in Epidemiological Data" by Tony Cox

February 29, 2016, "Predictive Modeling and Risk Analysis" by Seth Guikema

January 26, 2016, “Adversarial Risk Analysis” by David Banks

November 10, 2015, “Risk Analysis and Unconventional Gas Drilling” by Bernard Goldstein

October 13, 2015, “SRA/Nano Safety Cluster (NSC) Round Table” by Igor Linkov

September 23, 2015, “Introduction to Foundations in Risk Analysis” by Terje Aven

August 27, 2015, “Simple Displays of Complex Risk Analysis Information” by L. Anthony Cox, Jr.

July 27, 2015, “What is SRA?” by Pamela R.D. Williams and James H. Lambert