SRA Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan cover graphicOn December 2, 2018, the SRA Council adopted a new Strategic Plan. The plan is grounded in three main strategic goals for the organization: (1) Enhancing risk science and the profession; (2) Influence and strengthen impact globally and (3) Expand the organizational capacity and efficiency of SRA. Click here to read the full Strategic Plan. 

Core Ideology
  • A safer world through the science and practice of risk analysis
  • Improving life through the science and practice of risk analysis
  • The world’s leading authority on risk science and its applications

We empower professionals, decision makers and the public with the science and tools of risk analysis to better assess, manage, govern and communicate risk.

Main Strategic Goals and Prioritizations

 1. Enhancing risk science and the profession

a) Foster risk analysis as a science

b) Foster risk analysis as a profession

2. Influence and strengthen impact globally

a) Empower people with the science, knowledge and tools of risk analysis to better assess, manage, govern and communicate risk

b) Enable worldwide sharing of knowledge and learning

3. Expand the organizational capacity and efficiency of SRA

a) Increase memberships, member engagement and involvement

b) Improve the governance structure and efficiency

Approved by Council December 2, 2018

Strategic Initiatives Fund

SRA is launching the new Strategic Initiatives Fund to award grants to project proposals that help advance the organization's strategic goals. Project proposals for the Strategic Initiative are not restricted in any way as long as they support the goals and objectives of the plan. Grants will be awarded in varying amounts up to $20,000. The submission deadline is May 1, 2019. To learn more about submitting a proposal for funding, click here.

Ready to apply for funding? Click here.