Students and Young Professionals

Career Fair and Young Professionals Mixer 6Career Fair and Young Professionals Mixer

This page is dedicated to news and members' views from the Student and Young Professionals Group of the Society for Risk Analysis. The goal of the Student and Young Professionals Group (SYP) is to assist in the professional and academic development of students and young professionals within the broad field of risk analysis.

The SYP Group aims to encourage and provide professional and academic development for students, as well as for researchers and professionals embarking on their careers by providing a platform to exchange ideas and contacts.  This group provides the opportunity to take advantage of engaging with established SRA members, provides training opportunities at the SRA annual conference, and provides many other activities aimed at supporting professional and academic development.

One of the benefits for students attending the SRA Annual Meeting is being able to participate in a workshop for only $35 (regularly about $300).

For more information please contact the Education Committee Chair